The spectacular BMW i8 Spyder concept to make it’s debut at the LA motor show

The magnificent hybrid BMW i8 Spyder is edging closer. Anyone who has already seen images knows that the car is quite a futuristic looking type of car. We’ve already seen the BMW i8 Coupe concept, a different variant of the same model. Production for both cars is set to begin in 2015, according to rumours.(…)

A Dream-team develop a roadster

The combination of BMW and Italian supercar giant Zagato have combined made to make a roadster concept model. The car has simply been named the BMW Zagato roadster concept. The Zagato Coupe was shown off earlier this month with the roadster set to partner it. Built in only 6 weeks, the roadster represents a great(…)

The BMW X6 to hit Australian showrooms

The BMW X6 is the most powerful diesel SUV in the world, selling 150,000 around the world since its release back in 2008. It’s latest model from the family is set for release in Australia, with the M50d model costing $157,000. BMW Australia are sure the vehicle will build on it’s success. You’ll get electric(…)

Hyundai planning to rival BMW 3 Series

Hyundai want to be taken more seriously on the car market and rival the likes of BMW. They have recently been inspired to develop a vehicle that is able to a rival to the BMW 3 Series. They have already performed wonders on the worldwide car market with the Hyundai Genesis. The stunning vehicle has(…)

The BMW MINI brand to be made locally in India

BMW MINI is set to assemble vehicles in India in order to localise the brand. There are an endless amount of benefits to localising cars in India at the moment. Perhaps the main benefit is that of bringing costs down. If the MINI brand was to be assembled in India, it would effectively allow the(…)

An in-depth look into BMW EfficientDynamics

BMW EfficientDynamics looks to be shaping the future of the whole automotive industry. It somehow manages to keep all things about BMW (luxury, speed, quality, performance) whilst ensuring that car’s are as eco friendly as possible. BMW’s technology is clearly helping them fend off strong competition from the German rivals of Mercedes-Benz and Audi. Reduced(…)

Is BMW finally feeling the effects of the European car crisis?

BMW sales are falling as they seem to be feeling the effects of the European car crisis, according to reports from Germany. Germany is by far Europe’s largest car market. It is really no surprise considering that the likes of Volkswagen, Mercedes-Benz and Audi are German. It has been one of the only positives regions(…)

The BMW 3 Series in India

BMW were India’s number one luxury car manufacturer last year. This year it appears that Audi are proving to be strong rivals, overtaking Mercedes-Benz and battling with BMW for that number one spot. The company’s best seller of all time, the 3 Series is one of major reasons as to why BMW India is performing(…)

The new BMW X1 xLine

Today we take a look at the new BMW X1 xLine. It looks like a fine mini sports utility vehicle, being a wonderful alternative to the Audi Q3 and the Land Rover Evoque. The car has a splendid 25d diesel engine within. Expert testers claim that the engine’s maximum amount of power will hit 215(…)

Why is Canada disappointed with the new BMW 328i?

The new generation of the BMW 3 Series was a risky move but one that has propelled the company further ahead of German rivals Audi and Mercedes-Benz. But surprisingly the BMW 328i has been taken very well by Canada, with some reviews claiming that the car has indeed “lost it’s magic”. This is now the(…)

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