BMW among one of the most reputable companies

BMW along with Sony and Walt Disney have been named one of the most reputable companies in the world according to a marketing study. Research across 15 different nations In total 15 different countries and 47,055 people were asked about various topics including Research and Development, governance, workplace, leadership, citizenship and the financial performance of(…)

25 years of the BMW Z1 Roadster

BMW celebrate the 25th anniversary of the BMW Z1 this year. It was 1988 when the car was first Z1 was introduced in Punta Ala, Italy. At the time the car was a ground breaker, a magnificent piece of machinery that got everyone’s pulses racing. The car was a great piece of inspiration to what(…)

More details on the BMW 3 Series Touring

The new generation BMW 3 Series has already made a great impact, not just here in the UK but around the world. Sales have broken records with BMW claiming they are just only getting started. September release date Things could be about to get a lot better for the UK car industry. The BMW 3(…)

BMW builds 3 millionth engine in the UK

BMW has confirmed this week that they have built 3 million engines here in the UK. The landmark was set at BMW Group’s UK Engine plant in Hams Hall, Birmingham. The 3 millionth engine to be put inside a MINI The engine that was developed in order to reach the milestone was a 1.6 litre(…)

BMW celebrate the M division with 60 new special edition cars

The M sports division has been a huge part of BMW’s history, helping them take sports performance road cars to a whole new level. BMW have recognised the significance and impact of the M division by releasing 60 new special edition cars destined for the UK. All of which will be spectacularly finished off in(…)

There is no stopping for BMW in China right now

BMW are growing rapidly in China at the moment. They are expanding heavily with a great amount of sales justifying the need to expand the countries production capacity in the country. Quadruple the production capacity BMW are so confident in their own ability and that of the Chinese sales market that they are prepared to(…)

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