The new BMW 7 Series priced at £58,115

The stunning new BMW 7 Series will cost £58,115 when released on the 2nd of September this year. Sounds expensive but you have to pay for quality and the new 7 Series posses plenty of that. Luxurious interior Sit inside the 7 Series and you like you are in heaven (almost). The luxury surroundings and(…)

The BMW 650i xDrive

Forget about the generation BMW 3 Series, everyone seems to be talking about the new line up of the BMW 6 Series. After already previewing the 640d and the 640i, we take a look at the upcoming 650i in our blog post today. The rivals The BMW 650i xDrive coupe is surprisingly not officially considered(…)

The BMW 640i Gran Coupe

The BMW 640i Gran Coupe may not sell as well as its diesel counterpart, the BMW 640d but it is still a wonderful vehicle that must be reckoned with. Some have even said that the petrol version is indeed more exciting. 3.0 litre engine with Direct Injection The 3.0 litre six cylinder engine will provide(…)

BMW and Zagato team up to make a stunning coupe

The Concorso d’Eleganza Villa d’Este classic car show held at Lake Como was the showcase for BMW’s latest concept vehicle. The stunning vehicle looks like a dream car. The best of both world’s from BMW and Zagato have been brought together to create a stunning coupe. Joint statement A joint statement from both companies which(…)

The brand new BMW X6 and BMW M6 Convertible

The new BMW X6 The new BMW X6 has been restyled and looks better than ever. There have been a number of changes within the interior and the exterior. Changes to the front The front of the car has seen the most changes. The BMW X6 has been made a lot wider, clearly distinguishing the(…)

The BMW 640d Gran Coupe

The upcoming BMW 640d Gran Coupe is due for release very soon. It will be one of the main vehicles for BMW at the Olympic Games this summer. The world will get to see one of the most technological and sophisticated vehicles on the market. The best bits Inside the vehicle comes a splendid 3.0(…)

Solar power incentive from BMW

The BMW ActiveE may be one of the technologically advanced cars available, but no one expected them to offer such an incentive. According to reports in the United States, owning the ActiveE will give you cheaper rates of home electricity with the use of solar panels. Different packages offered BMW joined forces with Real Goods(…)

BMW and Mercedes-Benz team up for electric car project

BMW, Mercedes-Benz along with Daimler, Siemens and Continental Automotive along with many other German companies are combining to develop a brand new electric vehicle for the mass market. Visio.M – $10.8 million funding BMW are said to be leading the project, named Visio.M. The German Federal Ministry for Education and Research are said to be(…)

7,600 BMW 3 Series recalled

News reports from the United States have confirmed that 7,600 BMW  3 Series vehicles have been recalled. Just after the 2012 model has been released BMW have just had to release the worst possible news. The new generation models being recalled The reason behind the recall is said to be faulty headrests. This has the(…)

BMW report record sales all over the world for April

BMW sales have once again hit record highs. April sales confirmed BMW as the world’s number one luxury car manufacturer. Sales increased by 6.1 per cent. 145,505 BMW’s in total were sold last month alone, with the figure also including that of MINI and Rolls Royce brand. In April 2011, the BMW Group sold 137,195.(…)

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