The BMW 3 Series Convertible review

There is no compromise in quality for the convertible version of the 3 Series, it just looks sportier and is more fun to drive in the summer. In terms of other convertibles in its class, it is harder to find one that is more stylish. Take a look at what we believe are the car’s(…)

Why the BMW i3 will cost more than rivals

Being a BMW, you would expect the i3 to be cost more when compared to rival electric vehicles. It has been revealed by BMW that BMW i3 will be a lot more expensive. Premium price for a premium brand This means the already expensive Vauxhall Ampera and the Nissan Leaf will be cheaper. What makes(…)

BMW X6 at Geneva Motor Show

The new generation BMW X6 was shown off at the Geneva Motor Show earlier this month. The first ever public appearance of the car has already been teased in the automotive press by BMW last year. Beautiful inside out The new BMW X6 has been redesigned with a more attractive exterior design. As standard the(…)

MINI Coupe review

The MINI Coupe has plenty of style and is an exciting car to drive. The Coupe is the first ever of it’s type to be released from the MINI line-up and looks like it could be quite a spectacular vehicle. We take a look as to why we believe the car is set to take(…)

Mini Countryman Crossover

The MINI Countryman Crossover has all the potential to be a fantastic family car. We take a look in our review today some of the car’s best features. Engine The entry level petrol engine within the One series will produce a performance which will satisfy most. Upgrading to the Cooper and Cooper S is recommended(…)

MINI Cooper Convertible

The MINI Cooper Convertible isn’t just a fun open top car to cruise around during hot weather, the car has strong hatchback credentials too. In our review we take a look at how the car is driving profits up for the BMW Group. Engines The MINI Cooper S 1.6 litre variant offers a wonderfully thrilling(…)

MINI Cooper Clubman Review

The MINI Cooper Clubman is worthy of the price tag based on it’s character alone. We discuss in our blog today exactly why the car is so great. Engines Every engine offered with the MINI Cooper Clubman offers a great performance. You’ll get a wonderful selection from the 1.6 diesel to the 1.6 petrol. The(…)

BMW X5 4×4 Review

The BMW X5 is a fantastic off roader and is also amazing on the road. It is a stylish vehicle that is desired by many. We take a look and see exactly why the car is one of the best. Practicality The BMW X5 contains a great amount of space with a plenty of space(…)

BMW announce record profits for 2011

Full year operations in 2011 have resulted in record profits for BMW. The news has been published across the automotive media stating that Chinese sales helped boost company earnings by a significant amount. The figures Profits have increased by 51 per cent in 2011 with £4.1 billion earned which beats the £2.71 earned in 2011.(…)

BMW celebrates Holi in India

Many car manufacturers have joined in the celebrations of Holi in India. BMW have jumped on the bandwagon. Using social media through the means of Facebook, BMW have run a campaign in celebration of the festival with different colours across the page. Fans using the MINI page on Facebook can splash a variety of colours(…)

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