The new BMW X6

BMW have released images of the brand new luxury X6 model destined for America this year. The company’s glory SUV will receive a new X6 M50d variant. This is the first time ever that the model has come under BMW’s prestigious M range. Engine range Powering the car will be an amazing 3.0 litre triple(…)

The new BMW X4

The first ever BMW X4 has been confirmed for production with new artificial images released across the automotive press.  The images are not official but are mock ups of what they believe the car could look like. Production Back in 2010 there was a tremendous amount of speculation regarding the possible production of the car.(…)

The new BMW 1 Series

BMW have recently revealed a brand new set of engines for the new 1 Series. The changes come with the five door variant of the car. It is expected to be released in March. New models A new four cylinder vehicle petrol is set to be included into the list which will be installed into(…)

The BMW Z Series showcase

At this year’s Silverstone Classic event, which is sponsored by the AA there will be a host of BMW Z Series cars. Fans and journalists will get the pleasure of viewing a number of Z Series cars which are set to be on display. The event, held from July 20-22 will be the first here(…)

BMW UK apprenticeship scheme expands

BMW are set to expand their apprenticeship scheme starting with Swindon. BMW already own facilities in the city and are about to embark on handing more opportunities to young people throughout the country. 130 new recruits This year places upon the scheme will jump to 200. MINI, who is owned by BMW, will see their(…)

The BMW Group sales up by 5.8 % in North America

Although Mercedes-Benz may have won the battle for the most number of cars sold in January, BMW have also produced some positive results. In total the whole group’s sales were up by 5.8 % which shows that they are keeping momentum to a certain extent after being North America’s number one luxury car manufacturer. BMW’s(…)

BMW will not use temps clause

BMW have resisted a plan to execute a clause which ensures that temps do not get the same pay as permanent staff. The employee structure dubbed the “Swedish Derogation” model brings about not having to pay temp staff as much as the permanent members. This has currently been put on hold as talks with Unions(…)

The BMW X3 wins an award and gets a new engine in North America

We start off the article with the news that the BMW X3 has won the award for the “Best SUV” in this year’s What Car? Awards. What Car?, one of the automotive industry’s highest profile websites and magazines. Winning such a prestigious prize from them is sure to raise the profile of the car here(…)

BMW to expand their presence in Brazil

With BMW raising their game in Brazil, they are taking advantage of one the world’s best emerging automotive markets. The economy in Brazil was booming so much during 2011 that many expect them to be the world’s number three car industry by 2015. In what has been a very surprising turnaround over the past 10(…)

Take a look at the brand new BMW M6

The new BMW M6 is sure to take the world by storm if released in the summer. This will be the car’s first release since 2005. This time it will be the company’s most powerful super coupe in history. Different variants Fans and journalists will get their first preview at the 2012 Geneva Motor Show.(…)

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