The BMW X1 Keeps On Getting Bigger and Better… But Mainly Bigger

The BMW X1 keeps getting bigger and bigger as a result of different market focuses. The X1 has been an SUV which has taken the world by storm. But in China, the X1 has accounted for around half of their sales, so it is obviously extremely popular. So, with the next generation X1, what have(…)

The 2016 BMW i3

The BMW i3 is an electric car which has been on sale since 2013. So even with its hi-tech features that which not only lasted three years, but can still be seen as cutting edge, what are BMW doing to update the car for 2016? So, the i3 is one of the most fuel efficient(…)

BMW Looses Out In First Quarter of 2016

The first financial quarter of 2016 is over and that allows us to look at just how well the major automotive companies have performed. In general, the market has been advancing steadily with only the companies that make up the Volkswagen group being badly affected. But, BMW, the German luxury performance outfit have also not(…)

What is Going to Happen to the BMW i8?

There have recently been rumours circulating that the BMW i8 is going to have a facelift towards the end of 2017. So what is going to be involved in the facelift and, will it push forward the green technology that the i8 has been so instrumental in advancing. Well of course the main concern with(…)

BMW Reveal New Quad-Turbo Diesel Engine

BMW have recently revealed a quad-turbo engine which is likely to feature in their high end range of cars. With strong competition in the engine department from their rivals, BMW have manufactured the new engine to entice people to purchase their most luxury vehicles over other rival brands like Audi and Mercedes. So the engine,(…)

The BMW i3 Receives a Much Bigger Range

The updated BMW i3 is expected to receive a big change in July this year. What BMW have apparently achieved, is a massive upgrade on its battery. This comes as massive news in the electric car industry as all of the major companies seem to battling it out a battery range war. With the upgrade,(…)

How Well is the BMW i8 Doing Now?

If you have ever seen the BMW i8, then you are extremely lucky. The car has been extremely difficult to spot, even with its ever increasing popularity in London. But, how well has the achieved the global recognition it deserves? And, how come it is doing so incredibly well? For those that have never heard(…)

BMW to expand factory in US

Size matters for BMW; their big factory is getting even bigger. BMW’s large-scale factory in South Carolina, its biggest factory across the world in fact, will become even larger when a billion dollar expansion is carried out later this year, with the intention of bringing annual capacity to 450,000 vehicles. Last year, the plant in(…)

BMW’s future lies in customer service, says sales Chief

The customer is always right, Service with a smile and other nauseating clichés all apply to BMW’s plan to stay on top. In an interview with Auto News, Ian Robertson, the head of sales and marketing for BMW and responsible for sales channels across the entire group, shared how the automaker will further improve their(…)

BMW sales rise, speed up luxury car competition

News comes the same week they celebrate their 100th birthday – celebrations all round. Luxury carmaker BMW AG has announced a record profit year of 6.4 billion Euros for last year, a 10 percent increase from the year before. However, the outlook going forward is not as smooth as one might think, with an aging(…)

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